Any club can join KitNet. It doesn’t matter if the club is a single genre or if it is a register or a regional club, we welcome all. Member clubs do not pay a membership fee. In return KitNet becomes a member of the applicant club and also joins for free.

This way the member club may speak to KitNet as one voice on behalf of all of its club members. Likewise, KitNet can speak to the member club as KitNet speaking with one voice and representing all of its members.

When a member clubs speaks on the forum, all of the Personal members will see that message and all of the member clubs will see it too. This way it is quite easy to broadcast a message that will reach the furthest extent of KitNet as a club of clubs. That might be any kit-car club in the UK or any kit-car interested parties anywhere in the world – that is a very long reach and a big broadcast with virtually no effort at all. Our aim is to keep everybody connected and to make sure that kit-cars and self-builds grow ever stronger throughout the world.

Our aims:

  • To develop and grow the spirit of kit-car builders throughout the world
  • Bringing the kit-car experience to younger people
  • Sharing our knowledge and our enjoyment
  • Helping people to discover the pleasure of building and driving your own car
  • Developing the enjoyment of motoring on great roads and on the racetrack
  • Bringing people of the world together with common interests
  • Supporting charities that bring motoring to the disabled
  • So why not join us today and become part of this great adventure.
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We are stronger and better together