Welcome to KitNet. Kitnet is different. In the KitNet kit-car club you may:

Whether you are a Personal member or a kit-car Club, each speaks with one voice on our forum.

Our aims:

  • To develop and grow the spirit of kit-car builders throughout the world
  • Bringing the kit-car experience to younger people
  • Sharing our knowledge and our enjoyment
  • Helping people to discover the pleasure of building and driving your own car
  • Developing the enjoyment of motoring on great roads and on the racetrack
  • Bringing people of the world together with common interests
  • Supporting charities that bring motoring to the disabled
  • So why not join us today and become part of this great adventure.

We are stronger and better together

How we operate

We are a friendly organisation and we like to share. We offer each other friendship, kindness, advice and support, showing enthusiasm for whatever you do.  In this club there is no right or wrong in any choices you make about your kit-car because that is your choice.  We don’t compare and we always praise effort and commitment in what it usually a lifetime ambition.  At all times we are very proud of what we do and what we have achieved.

Building a kit-car is no small task, it requires a lot of commitment, it also requires funds and enough time in your life to make your dream come true.  Where the forum really helps is to demonstrate to you that there is plenty of knowledge out there and help to make your ambition come true.  A problem shared is a problem halved and your adventure doesn’t need to be a lonely one – you need never to feel that you are on your own.

Regionally, we will organize events and also nationally we will connect clubs together to make really big events a great success. Recognizing that the kit-car scene in the UK is both big and strong and that this is rarely the case in other countries – we would love to see self-build cars go from strength to strength in other countries. In some countries sadly it’s not even permitted to build your own car but helpfully you may usually import a car which is built in the country that does allow amateur self builds and which has been approved as safe under that country’s own law.

Good behaviour

  • We try not to compare because there is no right or wrong in kit-car building and everybody will do their best.
  • Our forum is about kit-cars and we have a sense of humour with a thread reserved for that.
  • Try to stick to the subject in the thread and avoid deviation – honouring the subject raised by the original author – moderators may re-direct you if you deviate
  • Mind your language – no swearing or derogatory terms please
  • The forum is a family-friendly place so keep the content appropriate
  • It is recognisable that this hobby attracts more men than women but we are proud to be a female-friendly organisation and we welcome female members as kit-car builders and as our valuable kit-cars supporters.  Each year we try to organise female friendly events.
  • Don’t post anything that might cause offence – bearing mind we have a very wide audience across the world and across different cultures
  • We are not a political movement but we will lobby any form of Government in support of our positive interests in self-build cars.
  • If you attend events please be an ambassador for our club and present a really positive image – wear the club name with pride.
  • Wherever there is a motoring event, follow the rules and applicable law.  Every driver is responsible for their own behaviour and takes sole responsibility for it.  Please don’t put others at risk.
  • The moderators ask that you pay careful attention to what they’re saying to keep our forum organized, controlled and a pleasant place.
  • If you use the conversation facility on the forum (Direct members only) then you may chat to up to 5 people and that is not published on the forum but the same rules of behaviour apply as if it had been.  You should be aware that the system administrator might see any comments you put in this feature so do not enter any information which you regard as completely private.

Now just a few words about things that we don’t do:

  • Copyright material – be careful about what you post to ensure it is freely published or that nobody asserts copyright over it.  Any copyright material where there has been an objection will be removed by the moderators.
  • Nothing said on a forum should be abusive in any form to any person or body. Nor should it be untrue or unfair.
  • When you post on the KitNet forum please stay courteous and keep you language clean should you slip, the moderators might adjust your language or make private communication with you and seek a change of presentation.
  • In the event that multiple private warnings have been given and not actioned then the moderators reserve the right to remove your permission to use the site, temporarily or permanently.  It is hard to imagine that ever being necessary but it has to be said.

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Thanks for reading this and now please enjoy our excellent club!