When you join as a new Personal member you’ll join a club of like-minded people interested in kit-cars. You don’t actually need to own a kit-car, interest is good enough. If you do own a kit-car that’s even better but also you might be an owner of a car restoration project, a classic car or just be a general petrol-head with an interest in what we do. As a club we believe in being different and being active. We are a members-only club and it will only cost you a small amount to be a member.

As a member of the forum you could be anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world – it doesn’t matter, the forum busy and active place. We also aim to create regional groups where members may organize group activities local to where they are. Progressively, as the club grows we will develop more regional representatives who will act as our focus points for activities in your area.

Being a member of KitNet does not preclude you being a member of another club –far from it – we actively encourage our members to be members of other clubs. We actively want to recruit regional organisers who are members of other clubs to support our national and international objectives – nothing less than being the most connected kit-car club on the planet!

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